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Frederick Saide is an accomplished insurance and financial services industry professional with many years of experience. He has many years of top-flight senior management experience with Unisys National Insurance Consulting Practice, Natwest Bancorp, Financial Services Alliances, Inc., Davis Dorland & Company, Classic Insurance Agency (subsidiary of Jardine Insurance Brokers) and Jardine Insurance Brokers.

For each of these organizations, Mr. Saide was either a senior officer or the senior officer and spearheaded the start-up, development and profitable management of new insurance and financial services organizations, divisions and products. His expertise in identifying and capitalizing upon emerging market opportunities drove tremendous premium, revenue and profit growth for each organization. His accomplishments were marked by development of market-driven cross selling programs to pool resources, accelerate revenues and strengthen net profitability. He excels in working with people, projects and resources to maximize revenue and income growth.

Mr. Saide has an undergraduate degree from Adelphi University and graduate degrees from Duke University. He has advanced certificates and completed programs from the major centers of insurance education and training. He is active in a number of insurance and financial services organizations.

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Our Mission

Foundation Insurance Services, LLC is family-owned and operated. We have three offices in New Jersey to better serve our clients. Our locations: Bridgewater, Short Hills, and Cranford. Meetings are by appointment only. As we are not owned or operated by any insurance company or producer group, we offer independent objective information so that clients can make informed decisions critical to their interests and needs.

Foundation Insurance Services is business to consumer-driven. Not only do we work directly with consumers, but also, with business owners, and high net worth individuals who want concierge quality.

Why Foundation Insurance Services?

Our purpose is to be the trusted advisor to individuals and business owners and executives, and professionals who are looking toward retirement and have productive working years before moving into a post-retirement life stage. There are three stages: first is accumulation, second is distribution, third is legacy. We focus mainly on stages 2 and 3.

In stage 2, we work with pre-retirees and retirees. What is retirement?

The meaning has changed and no longer fits the standard dictionary definition. Retirement is being redefined as is post-retirement. Post-retirement planning is very different than retirement planning as it involves a new phase of life. No two retirees are the same. We look at the path the retiree will take and from that examine the sequencing of returns to assist retirees with cash flow modeling and distribution, income for life, transfer of assets using specific stratagems especially qualified and non-qualified sourced funds. These approaches are integrated with an estate transfer and charitable asset and distribution plans. Retirement can be a wonderful life. It depends on what you make of it.

Our Process

Red light on the Dashboard review. Income and Tax planning is a continual process. Tax Management is not a one time event. You can pay now or pay later. There are stealth taxes especially on Social Security. Over time the issue is the sustainability of your income and minimizing the taxes you pay. That requires an annual update to manage what you pay because all income is not taxed the same way.

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Our Mission

We are business to consumer-driven. Not only do we work directly with consumers, we also work with business owners & high net worth individuals who want concierge quality.

Why FIS?

Our purpose is to be the trusted advisor to individuals, business owners, executives, & professionals looking toward retirement.

Foundation Insurance Services LLC operates only in the state of NJ. No offer may be made or accepted from any resident outside the state of NJ.

Foundation Insurance Services LLC and MoneyMattersUSA, Advisory LLC are independent companies with common ownership. Advisory services are offered through MoneyMattersUSA, Advisory LLC and Insurance services are offered through Foundation Insurance Services, LLC; Frederick Saide Financial Advisor. Frederick Saide is not connected with or endorsed by the United States Government, the federal Medicare program, Medicaid program, or the Social Security Administration.