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Annuity Optimizer



How do you know which product or strategy will provide optimal growth and income? Since we don’t know how long we will live, it’s often necessary to use an annuity when evaluating life time income options. Doing so shifts the focus to creating a paycheck in retirement rather than on reaching an accumulation target number.

The need for comparison software is essential to provide a valid method to measure and contrast a portfolio, a variable annuity, or a fixed index annuity.

The Rixtrema Annuity Optimizer software offers a trusted method to evaluate whether an annuity or a portfolio is most likely to meet the objective of the investor for lifetime guaranteed income.

The Annuity Optimizer is more than an annuity comparison tool. The software allows the advisor to filter products so that it becomes clear whether the portfolio withdrawal approach can outperform a lifetime income annuity.

Even if the annuity is intended for growth the Annuity Optimizer can compare that to a portfolio or another annuity to provide clarity about which product will produce a peak result. This software makes it easy for an investor to understand their products through their advisors.