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Our Mission

Foundation Insurance Services, LLC is family owned and operated. We have five offices in New Jersey to better serve our clients. Our locations: in Summit, Clark, Cranford, Somerville, and Somerset. Meeting are by appointment only.. As we are not owned or operated by any insurance company or producer group we can offer objective information so that consumers and businesses can make informed decisions critical to their interests and needs.

Foundation Insurance Services is business to consumer driven . Not only do we work directly with consumers we also partner with insurance agents, advisors, and other professionals to bring through them to their clients the same concepts, products, and services we bring to our own clients.

Why Foundation Insurance Services?

Our purpose is to be the trusted advisor and agent to individuals and business owners and executives, and professionals who are looking toward retirement but have at least ten or more productive working years before moving into a post-retirement life stage. Here the focus is on non §409(a) retirement plans, competitive strategies using intellectual property, business valuation systems, unlocking equity of the business or practice and converting that equity into a retirement value at exit. How we do all of that involves the use or methodologies, products, and where appropriate third party administration. Where desirable we use OPM strategies.

We work with retirees.What is retirement?

Both the definition and meaning have changed and no longer fit the standard dictionary definition. Retirement is being redefined as is post retirement. Post retirement planning is very different than retirement planning as it involves a new phase of life. No two retirees are the same. We look at the path the retiree will take and from that examine the sequencing of returns to assist retirees with cash flow modeling and distribution, income for life, transfer of assets using specific Life-Link stratagems especially qualified and IRA sourced funds. These approaches are integrated with estate transfer and charitable asset and distribution plans. Retirement can be a wonderful life. It depends what you make of it.

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