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Retire Smarter

Inflation is like a virus, and you need to boost your financial immune system to keep up. The purchasing power of all your retirement savings could plummet if inflation increases and you don’t plan for it. Even at a modest 2% inflation if you were to buy a dozen eggs and pay $2.00 today, in five years your $2.00 would only buy 10.5 eggs. Contact Us for your free $1,350 Value analysis to see if your present plan can weather the storm or retirement.

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We are business to consumer-driven. Not only do we work directly with consumers, we also work with business owners & high net worth individuals who want concierge quality.

Why FIS?

Our purpose is to be the trusted advisor to individuals, business owners, executives, & professionals looking toward retirement.

Foundation Insurance Services LLC operates only in the state of NJ. No offer may be made or accepted from any resident outside the state of NJ.

Foundation Insurance Services LLC and MoneyMattersUSA, Advisory LLC are independent companies with common ownership. Advisory services are offered through MoneyMattersUSA, Advisory LLC and Insurance services are offered through Foundation Insurance Services, LLC; Frederick Saide Financial Advisor. Frederick Saide is not connected with or endorsed by the United States Government, the federal Medicare program, Medicaid program, or the Social Security Administration.