Meet Fred Saide, Ph.D.

Frederick (Fred) Saide is much more than an accomplished insurance and financial services professional. His insights and guidance to thousands of people are so informed and wise that he’s considered a “financial sage of the ages.”

Fred’s vast wealth of knowledge also includes a comprehensive understanding of Federal Reserve policies-and flaws-over several decades. He explains ow individual Fed policies and Treasury policies affect the money we actually keep.

Those who interview Fred call him a “genius”-and once you listen to his podcast, you’ll wish you discovered Fred Saide earlier.

So, take a listen to Fred now-you’ll find understanding and certainty; and that will make you glad you did.


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Each weekly episode reveals what is required to retire successfully-and stay retired.

Retirement is not one-size-fits all. Fred focuses on the three core considerations: longevity, certainty, and probability. By exploring these components, you’ll become aware of overlooked issues such as frailty, health care, long-term care, taxes, the proper sequence to take income, which asset when and a whole lot of things that provide certainty in a long retirement.

Fred also discusses estate planning, beneficiary directions, and leaving a legacy to loved ones or to a favored charity or institution. Each podcast takes questions from listeners of the live radio broadcast without provide advice to people Fred does not know.

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