Estate Planning

Keeping track of one’s beneficiaries isn’t always an easy task. Relationships change over the years, and clients often forget to review their beneficiaries in light of new planning goals. Furthermore, many clients aren’t aware that their current beneficiary setup may not be as equitable or efficient as they had intended. That’s where I can help. Focus on a clear picture of who your beneficiaries are, and whether your account beneficiary designations are in alignment with your overall estate planning goals. This checklist covers important factors a client needs to know when reviewing their beneficiaries, such as:

  • Understanding whether their beneficiaries are up to date and in alignment with other important estate planning documents.
  • Recognizing the differences in tax treatment for certain types of accounts, and the effect that may have on one’s estate planning outcomes.
  • Being aware of the implications in naming a non-person beneficiary (e.g., trust, charity, one’s own estate, etc.), and how that may affect one’s estate planning goals.

What issues should I consider when reviewing my beneficiaries?


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